Dead Dollz for “The Great Gastby” pt 1

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby

Hello everyone!! So our darling Miss Kiddo Oh is participating in an event inspired by The Great Gatsby movie. She has generously come up with 3 dresses for it, and this is actually my very first time doing this look, so please be patient with me. One thing is for sure though, I am enjoying this a lot and i will most definitely take my time presenting these dresses to you…

gatsby me

And look who joined me in my photoshoot!!! My darling hubby, Jacob. It was his first time to dress up for a Gatsby look to0, but well… I will just let you be the judge… grins…

Gastby me and Jacob

The look that took me like an hour to figure out, only took him a few minutes and he was all set! He likes to dress up and everyone knows he styles better than me, and so I am still trying to convince him to model. (Wish me luck!)

Gastby me and Jacob 2


Style Card:

Skin ~ [YOON SKIN] :: Anjela :: Pale Makeup Deep Cleavage
Eyes ~ IKON Vanity Eyes – Chocolate
Lashes ~ *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
Hair ~ [LeLutka]-GLORIA hair/Dark Brunette
Hands ~ Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
Gown ~ .::Dead Dollz::. Vita Chamber – Blush Gown
Gloves ~ :AE: Appliers for SLINK Hands Tattoo Opera Gloves
Jewelry ~ MG – Karina Court
Shoes ~ JD – Lux – Black Leather




Thinking summer…

Here in the Philippines we only have two seasons, wet and dry. And right now I can feel the dry season starting and so summer is almost here! Speaking of summer, that is exactly the new release from appear, the Summer Dress!

Summer Dress by AppearIt’s one of those little versatile dresses which you can dress up or down depending on your mood. Which is exactly why I love it so much! The dress comes in 20 different textures so I am sure we all can have so much fun in this. And as always it is hud changeable for a clutter free inventory  🙂

Mara Summer DressIt was so hard to choose which colors to present in the blog, and I was almost tempted to just take a pic of each but the I decided to let you be surprised at the rest of the wonderful colors to choose from  😉

Now don’t forget to check the style card :

Shape ~ by me
Skin ~ Romy in Jamaica by Glam Affair
Eyes ~ Vanity Eyes in chocolate by Ikon
Lashes ~ FTL from MP
Hair ~ Party Girl in Dark Brown by Exile
Dress ~ Summer Dress by appear
Watch ~ Lux Elle Watch by RealEvil
Jewelry Set ~ Ascend Ensemble by CAE
Shoes ~ Ibiza in Nude by N-core

Spring has sprung!

“Awake, thou wintry earth –

Fling off thy sadness!

Fair vernal flowers, laugh for

Your ancient gladness!”

Sakura for Saviad

And what a way to wake up winter than with awesome finds just in time for our most loved spring! Let’s get started with the elegant creations of Kiddo Oh from Dead Dollz. She is one of the sponsors on the on going Fiera Spring Fair by Saviad. There are 50 top designers in the event, and they have 3 sims for it. Dead Dollz is in the Fiera Obscura Garden Sim.

Sakura for Saviad 2

Dead Dollz released two gowns exclusive for this event. First is the  Sakura dress, and it comes in my fave color… PINK!!! I just love the details on the bodice and as it goes down to the skirt!

Hasu for Saviad

The next dress is a very lovely blue dress named Hasu… With a very elegant lace detail and a bow. Who doesn’t love bows!!!!

Hasu for Saviad 2I know you guys are wondering about he umbrella that I am matching with the fab gowns. Well…. they are not umbrellas, but Hatrella!! These are Kiddo’s Gacha items for us and they come in 5 colors (pink, blue, red and the rares brown and white). Awesome right???

Enough of all the talk, let me send you your taxi to the event and I will see you all there!!

Fiera Obscure Garden Sim

Style card to follow  😉



Making a home…

Since we got married, Jacob and I have moved to like 3 different places. The last move is here in a quarter sim of Lapetus. One of the reasons for the move is because we needed more prims for the ideas we have for our “home”. But the funny thing is, as soon as we moved we suddenly didn’t know what to do… LOL… My hubby is not one to rush into a project so we decided to stay in a skybox while we mull things over.

Blog Mara from appearAfter 5 weeks we finally got enough plans to get things started. So in the next posts I will be sharing with you my journey in making a home…Don’t get me wrong … I’m not a builder, in fact I got zero knowledge when it comes to building. However, I do love to shop, that includes home stuff. And I got a hubby who tolerates me so well. So this should really be exciting! YAYYYYY!!

Blog Mara from appear 2I will still be sharing good clothing stuffs of course. Speaking of which… The dress I have on is called Mara from appear. If you haven’t visited that shop… YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Like this dress has 20 textures to choose from and is hud changeable. How cool is that!! Here are just a few samples of the textures included…

Blog Mara from appear 3Don’t forget to check the style card 😉

Shape ~ my own
Skin ~ Cleo in America skin tone from Glam Affair
Hair ~ Tanya in red from Wasabi Pills
Dress ~ Mara Casual Dress from appear
Eyes ~ Twinkle Eyes in Cacao from Dead Apples
Footwear ~ Carrie Pumps in black from Gos
Eyewear ~ Cateye from Gos
Earrings and Necklace ~ Promise Collection from Cae
Watch ~ Quasar in White from Chronokit

These pictures are taken in our backyard at home  😀

On the side of me…

I’m not the easiest person to love
I’m often the one who lets things go unresolved

Yet you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me
Yet you choose to be on the side of me
On the side of me

Blog Claire, Wendy and Anjela 5

I’m not too proud of some things
I’ve done in my life
The skeletons in my closet
Are too big for me to hide

Yet you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me
Blessed Charity
You’re on the side of me
On the side of me

Blog Claire, Wendy and Anjela 3

Cause everyone needs a friend to hold
When it’s cold outside
And there’s no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
All alone I cried
There was no place to go
I remember when nobody cared
But you

Blog Claire, Wendy and Anjela 4

This is one of my favorite songs. Mainly because it touches humility, appreciation of others and acceptance. Virtues we all need to have  🙂

Style Card:

Skin:  Anjela :: Pale Makeup Soft Cleavage from .:: YOON BEAUTY ]::.
Top: Claire MuffinTop from appear
Pants: Wendy Leggings Pants from appear
Hair: KOZUE – Auburn from Argrace
Footwear: DELICIOUS “Nude” from N-core
Bracelet: Wanderer -Black- Bracelet  from League
Earrings and Necklace: Promise  Collection  from Cae
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual from Slink

Stop and slow down….

We all get to a point where we get caught up with the things that are important to us, like family, career, work, a hobby perhaps. Like me in the past several weeks (oh wait! I think months…. mmmm… okay let’s just move on…). Work has been so demanding and stressful that day in day out my focus was just to manage the issues that are keep coming in. Sure it’s feels fulfilling cause you see how you can deliver. People even ask you how you keep your grace under pressure ( well they never really see me just about ready to pull my hair out cause a stupid vendor doesn’t know his job… thank goodness for that! lol) And inside you feel… “yeah!! I’m on a roll here!” So you push and push yourself even further, and look you can push yourself some more! But up to what extent? I mean are you suppose to live your life pushing limits here?

Blog Angie and Anjela in pink

I have been guilty of this for years (and years…) ! And currently I think I am paying  the price. Health is unreliable, I lost touch with people that are more important than meeting job requirements and getting commendations. And there’s is no going back! I only wish that I have played it smart (er). I had make myself stop and slow down… pay more attention to the people who are important to me and other beauty my life still has to offer. Those are priceless!!

Blog Angie and Anjela in deep make up

Speaking for “paying more attention”, I’m glad that there are creators and designers who are paying more attention to the details of their products. As a good sl consumer, we all must do the same to get our Ls worth and to encourage and support these artists.

Babby Yoon Skin Blonde square 2


The skin I am wearing here is the new one from our beloved Ms. Kitori Yuheng of .::[YOON BEAUTY]::. The name is Anjela and it comes with 2 of my fave tones (pale and sunkissed), and with lots of facial options. Which are fun for those who like to put a bit more details on their face.

While the outfit I am wearing on the first two pictures are from my newly discovered shop “appear”. The outfit comes in two pieces, the top and skirt. It has a hud with 10 textures (printed and leather) so you can mix and match your skirt and top. I tell  you, this is another outfit we just have to have!

appear mainstore

The shop owned by Wade Washorne  initially started selling just in mp. Now she has just opened an in world shop!! Kudos to you Ms. Wade!!! And you know me, I’m kinda snoopy so I went to her shop and took a pic. And well consistent to her work, her shop is also detailed  🙂

That’s all for now. But hey here are your taxi to these wonderful shops:





Happy love month!

At some point in our lives, there will come a time when you will realize why no matter how hard you tried, what you did, things just didn’t work out between you and some person.

I can’t believe how I used to question myself all the whys in the world. But now, especially with the love of my sister and Jacob I have come to understand. It was never about what I did wrong. It was never about what I could have done better. There are just some people who will come and go in our lives and there’s really nothing one can do about it. But there are others who will choose to stay, and they are always the ones worth keeping and holding on to.

Blog Dead dollz Tainted Love 2

To start this month off, let me show you the exclusive items from .:: Dead Dollz ::. for a Valentine’s Day 2014 event by K. V. Fashion Agency. For more info about this event, you may look here.

This is “Tainted Love”… A mesh dress that comes in sizes that are sure to fit all body types! The texture on the fabric is just soooo… February! I love the details roses on the chest and the legs. Perfect for that date!

Blog Dead dollz Tainted LoveShe also made lingerie sets for us to enjoy more intimately with our special someone 😉 First is Marnie…. an adorable set that will just drive you crazy! If you are like me whole loves loves pink, then yes, this is sooooo us!

MarnieFor more of .:: Dead Dollz ::. exclusive items for this event, watch out for the next post  😉

Can’t get enough of .:: Dead Dollz ::. ? Here’s your cab to the mainstore!

Dreams Way presents….

Hi everyone! I am sooooo excited to show you lovelies what’s been hiding in Dreams Way…. Did I say we have stellar designers participating in this fund raising??? Yeah! Of course I did!! From casual to formal and everything in between, you name it… they got it over there! So without further adieu …

Blog for Dreams Way from Dead Dollz and Blush_512

This is the Moloko cocktail dress from one of our fave designers, Kiddo Oh, owner and creator of Dead Dollz. It’s subtle fabric comfortably clings to your curve, and it’s tube top part brings out the woman in you. But my fave part is how the skirt is knee high in front and grows long towards the back. It’s the cute factor in this dress, definitely!!

Blog for Dreams Way from LPD Paula Dress and Blush_512This next outfit is really something I would enjoy wearing at work! Well maybe I’d wear a full inner shirt not just the bra type, cause heck no I dont look this lean in rl. lol. But since it’s sl I can get away with it, and hundreds of things more! This is the Paula dress from *LpD*. It’s stylishly sleek, definitely an outfit to give your business days a little more chic!

Blog for Dreams Way from Image Factory_001Notice how these days are getting cold lately? Yesssss… Christmas is near!!! YAY!! Better prep up and stay comfy in this edgy turtleneck knit dress from Image Factory. To pull an easy trendy outfit that will also keep you warm and fuzzy, got to have this one. Dont you just love that little belt?!

We are just starting to stay tuned.. better yet, get in the cab!



Making way for “Dreams Way”…

Hi everyone, yours truly were honored to be accepted to blog a wonderful charity event to benefit of “Brigadoon Explorers” and “Dreams” foundation”. It started last 11th of this month and will run until the 30th.

Dreams Way

Just a brief background, the Brigadoon Explorer is a private online community created and inhabited and people with Asperger Syndrome (AS). While Dreams is a community of people in Secondlife, some of whom are survivors of stroke or have Asperger Syndrome (AS).

Expect nothing less than the best designers participating in this event, so be sure to check it out. So stay tuned for the next posts will showcase what is in store for you there!!

I’m sure you guys are just itching to go there now so….

Taxi is here:



The bone collector…

And finally I got to post a Halloween blog! It took me a while because, well, I am a scaredy cat. LOL. I am not even going to pretend otherwise. This is actually not the original look that I had in mind, yes really, you can even ask my sister Avery. I got the look already planned out, but as I was going thru the details and stuff, my imagination got out of control and well I scared myself and so I chickened out of the idea. grins…

I realized me in a really gross outfit would be an epic failure. Sooo… I decided to stick with my style but give it a little flash of Halloween. I already had the perfect skin for the look. It’s the Yuko Halloween Edition from :: YOON BEAUTY ::. It’s just the perfect pale skin, delicately creepy. It even comes with make up options. So I just needed to get that costume to match. Browsing through pages and pages of hideous items in mp became a bit stressful. I dreaded the possibility that I will still be looking at them come nightfall trying to find an outfit I can wear without giving myself a heart attack.

Halloween 3To my delight I found this outfit from Gizza called, Deathly Silence. The cut of the dress, the fluffy sleeves just give the outfit such elegance. But the dress is accentuated by a cape, choker and an ear piece made of skulls and bones! The texture of the dress is a matching collection of skeletons. I figured, I can handle skulls and skeleton. I mean I just need to think it’s all about “osteology” Yeah!! I had to prep my mind like that. LOL.

HalloweenAnd there I was, so relieved that I am halfway done with this feat, and far from fainting. Happily I got the dress and was actually eager to try it on.  As soon as it got to my inventory, I rezzed it on the floor. Waited… and waited… and nothing! I quietly blamed my net, and zoomed in closer to the floor… Waited… waited… peering forward to my screen, still nothing! Annoyed i decided to zoom out and there it was! it was soooo not a box or a shopping bag or those tiny things you click then it will send a folder to you!! Nooooo!! But ghosts!! Four ghosts to be exact, were right up my face. I panicked and so I hit the X as fast as I can. And I was thinking where did they come from?? The last thing I did was rezz the box of the dress from Gizza, but it didn’t even rezz! And then I had, you know those “light bulb” moments? Yes, I got those, and thought okay I guess I’d find it funny if only my heart didn’t try to jump out of my chest and all. LOL.

Thanks to my beautiful sister, Avery,  for helping me with these pictures. Aren’t they lovely?? I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I do!!!



Style Card:

skin: Yuko Halloween Night, YOON BEAUTY
Tattoo: Yuko, YOON BEAUTY
Outfit: Deathly Silence, Gizza
Shoes: Eva Slingback, Gos
Hair: Model Hair 12, W&Y




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